Get started

The starter kit comes with three hue bulbs and a bridge. The free app downloads to your iOS or Android device. Once you’ve got these you’re ready to set up.

So let’s get started...

  • Screw in.

    Hue bulbs fit into your existing sockets. Just screw them in and turn the light on at the wall switch. Simple.

  • Plug in.

    Power up your bridge. Connect it to your modem using the network cable provided. Wait for the three lights to come on.

  • Connect.

    Download the free app at Connect to the bridge. Find your bulbs. Name them. And you've got hue.

You can even grow the family at a later date. Once your starter kit is running smoothly, you can add up to 50 extra bulbs to the system. Just screw them in like before and search for new lights via the app. You can also add Friends of hue this way.

Once the app has found your new lights, you can name them and add them to new or existing scenes. And that means even more hue to enjoy.

And once you've sign into My hue, you can control your lights from your computer.

You know, just in case.


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